Thursday, January 31, 2013

Globose varieties of hazelnut

Tonda Gentile Romana - This is an Italian variety is great vigor, bushy shape but grows upright and can be grown as small trees because it forms small outcrops. It withstands the cold and can be cultivated in colder inland areas.
Flowering is a medium late, is a good pollinator for most varieties (her well-pollinate Cosford, Daviana, Mortarella and others). It ripens in late August. It grows in bunches, averaging 3.2 fruit, medium-sized (about 2.8 g). The shell is longer than the fruit, the shell is thin, maroon striped. The core is a high quality and Radman is about 45%.

Tonda Gentile delle Langhe - Italian variety, became the hazel Corylus avellana. Bush is of medium vigor, gives a lot of shoots and blooms early. Early fringes so that the fraying and maturation of female gametophyte never matched and expressed protaginija. For all that she needed a pollinator, usually Cosford, gin and Halske Negret due to poor germination and pollen itself is a poor pollinator. Ripens early in August.
The fruits are round with a sharpened tip, in a cluster 2-3 and there are small, weighing on average about 2.5 g. The shell of the fruit and how much fruit and fruit easily fall out of it, the shell is thin but tough. Radman core is about 58%.

Tonda di Giffoni - Italian grape variety which originated in Sicily. The tree is medium developed her (from wide to upright foliage - bushes) and not lavish. Susceptible to late spring frosts. It is characterized by good cropping and excellent fruit quality. Early fringe, and it is well pollinated Barcelona, round white and others.
The fruit is globose shaped, medium large, weighing about 2.5 g, the cluster there are an average of 2-3. Billowing layer is longer than the fruit, but the fruit is ripe when it turns out it easily. The shell is medium-thin maroon colored stripes. Radman core is about 46%.

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