Thursday, March 14, 2013

Globose varieties of hazelnut - Ennis

Merveille de Bollwiller - Bolvilerovo miracle is originally from France. The tree is very vigorous and grows to a height of 6 meters. Resa quite late (in late January) and blooms in early March. Protandričan said. To her they are good pollinators Ennis, Cosford and Red Lambert.
It has large, slightly tapered fruits weighing approximately 3.6 g. The shell of the fruit is a flat or slightly longer. The shell is medium hard, light brown and slightly darker stripes. It ripens in September. Radman core is about 37%.

Ennis - This variety is native to the United States. The tree is vigorous, upright and very fruitful. Late flourish. It's good to fertilize Halske gin, Red Lambert and others.
It has very large fruit weighing approximately 4.7 g spherical to slightly elongated shape. The shell of the fruit is high in fruits developed and shake easily fall out. The shell is light and striped. It ripens late. Radman core is about 49%.

Ludolf - bush is lush and very fruitful. The variety is known. Blooms early middle. 
It has medium large fruits weighing about 2 g, round, brown. The shell of the fruit is the same length as a result. Radman core is about 40%.

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